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In today's busy world, scheduling sufficient time to rehearse music with your cast is tough. With Show|Ready, you can virtually send your 
music director home with each and every member of your cast!  Show|Ready allows you to play a customizable rehearsal track of your show, complete with individual vocal parts, on a Mac or PC.  iOS compatibility coming soon.

With an intuitive interface, Show|Ready gives you complete control over which parts you hear, and lets you modify the key, tempo or click and add cuts, vamps, caesuras or repeats as you please.  All shows include the Piano/Conductor, bass, drum, and individual and ensemble vocal parts.Show|Ready makes it easy for music directors to communicate with their casts, as the edits made are saved locally and distributed via the internet to cast members.  This enables your entire cast to rehearse correctly from the beginning, saving you valuable time and effort. Click here for a free download of Show|Ready for Windows or Mac. Or purchase Show|Ready Mobile for your iOS Device on the iTunes App Store.

Once downloaded, use this demo authorization code to unlock the cast version of Show|Ready:  


Introduction To Show|Ready 

How Show|Ready Helps You


Introducing your very own personal accompanist, with you on the road, at home, and at the rehearsal hall.  Learn your parts with ease.



Professional grade tracks for your show performed by world-class musicians are just a click away.  Learn what Stage|Tracks can do for you.



Put the power of a full-size philharmonic orchestra into any space and nearly any budget with our premier real-time performance enhancement system.


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