Fill|Harmonic SystemCoordinating a full size orchestra to play for your performances can be a costly and difficult undertaking.  Fill|Harmonic is a revolutionary product that now puts the power of a full size orchestra into the hands of your conductor. Through the use of a wireless handheld device or even a 3D tracking system, you have the ability to conduct, beat-by-beat, a complete virtual orchestra that follows your baton just like any seasoned live ensemble.

Notice the attention to detail our musicians have made on every part of the score, using the highest quality sample libraries available, creating an experience truly spectacular.  Although Fill|Harmonic can stand on its own, we want you to use it to enhance the sound of a smaller orchestra or ensemble of whatever instruments you have available.  We give you the control over which instruments Fill|Harmonic performs, allowing you to pick and choose which instruments you wish to be played live.  Fill|Harmonic also outputs MIDI Timecode, which allows you to connect the system to any high-end lighting or sound console, or any other device that accepts MIDI Timecode.  Now your lighting or sound cues can be tied directly to the music, regardless of the tempo nuances of your conductor!  Complex lighting and sound cues have never been easier for your engineers to execute flawlessly every performance.

Fill|Harmonic also interfaces seamlessly with Show|Ready.  As you use Show|Ready to rehearse your show, you can import any cuts, vamps, repeats, key or tempo changes you make directly into Fill|Harmonic, making the transition from rehearsal to performance easier than ever before.





Introducing your very own personal accompanist, with you on the road, at home, and at the rehearsal hall.  Learn your parts with ease.



Professional grade tracks for your show performed by world-class musicians are just a click away.  Learn what Stage|Tracks can do for you.



Put the power of a full-size philharmonic orchestra into any space and nearly any budget with our premier real-time performance enhancement system.


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