Right On Cue Services is a music production company specializing in performance enhancement and minus tracks for musical theater.  With over 50 years of combined professional experience in musical theater and music production, the team at Right on Cue Services has the unique ability to blend both musicality and technology.

The ROCS Software Suite includes three products, Show|Ready, Stage|Tracks, and Fill|Harmonic. Each tool was created with individual attention to excellence, providing great opportunities for theaters to shine.  Show|Ready is a fully editable rehearsal tool that allows you and your cast to rehearse any time, any place.  With a straightforward interface that runs on Mac, PC, or iOS, musical perfection is within closer reach.  Stage|Tracks provides a great sounding, yet cost effective alternative for theaters looking for quality minus tracks.  With a fast-growing library of over ninety shows, you are sure to find a track to fit your needs.  Fill|Harmonic is the ultimate in musical flexibility and quality.  This system gives the conductor precise beat-by-beat control over a complete, prerecorded virtual orchestra through the use of a wireless handheld device, and now also through a 3D tracking system.

Below is a guide for selecting which products are right for your production:


ROCS System Infographic


Introducing your very own personal accompanist, with you on the road, at home, and at the rehearsal hall.  Learn your parts with ease.



Professional grade tracks for your show performed by world-class musicians are just a click away.  Learn what Stage|Tracks can do for you.



Put the power of a full-size philharmonic orchestra into any space and nearly any budget with our premier real-time performance enhancement system.


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